Get Real

Get Real is a gathering of men and women determined to deal with the guilt and hurts of their past and fear of the future in a bold new way. Designed as a program loosely modeled on the 12 Steps of recovery, Get Real encourages people to be transparent about their stuff. And everyone has stuff.

Gatherings are held every Monday night at 6:30 pm. Song, testimony, 12 step messages and small group time is included in this program. Everything from rock bands, church worship teams, youth bands, and gospel singers take turns leading worship each week. Heart touching testimonies and teachings relevant to issues fading us all are included.

The small group meetings at the end of the program is where the rubber meets the road. Men meet with men and women meet with women in a time of confidential sharing.

The most important message throughout the program is - Jesus Christ is the answer and true path to freedom. This is a meeting of hope!

This program is open to all!

Doug Hallock (423) 579-2761
Tony Cradic (423) 571-6604

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